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Hypnotherapy is an element of an RTT session

Обновлено: 19 дек. 2020 г.

Often people are wary and superstitious about the word “hypnosis”.

In most cases, this is due to the perception of this phenomenon through information obtained from television programmes and shows, when for the sake of stage effects, hypnosis is presented as a mystical phenomenon - incomprehensible and frightening. Artists give the impression that a person in a state of hypnosis can be manipulated, forcing him to perform funny or risky tricks that a person could not or would not do of his own free will.

I am sorry to disappoint you and deprive you of the expectation of something miraculous and supernatural, but in fact, there is nothing mystical about hypnosis. What you saw on stage is nothing more than a gimmick and has nothing to do with hypnosis. Hypnosis is an absolutely natural state of our brain at certain brainwaves. And each of us is in a state of hypnosis every day and even many times per day. Hypnosis does not deprive you of your will. And although we have already found out that there is no mysticism in this phenomenon, it is still a miracle, and it is quite scientific, because our body as a whole, and the brain in particular, is a real miracle that deserves the deepest admiration.

The state of hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation of our body when our brain switches from beta brainwaves to alpha and theta brainwaves. This is a state of meditation, or pre-falling asleep, or immediately after awakening, a state of deep thought or contemplation. Sometimes, even while driving, we can unconsciously switch to this state for a few moments. Many drivers have noticed that when moving along a familiar route, you switch to autopilot mode and you may even go to the wrong place. It can even be quite dangerous. But for clinical purposes, it is a very safe, useful and effective tool that allows us to solve very serious problems related to physical and mental health.

The fact is that with these brainwaves, our thinking, critical mind "takes a break" and we get direct access to the information stored in our subconscious. Under the guidance and support of an experienced therapist, we can discover destructive attitudes that are stuck in our consciousness under the influence of some past events in our life that cannot be detected in any other way in a conscious state. You can kill many years by going to psychologists, discussing and considering your problem from different angles, this brings temporary relief, but the problem does not go away.

RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy is a unique method that combines several different hypnosis-based techniques and allows you to solve a client's request in just 1-3 sessions.

This rapid efficiency and the enormous reach of issues that this method works with have brought it extraordinary popularity.

Naturally, to work with such a powerful, transformative tool requires high professionalism, so the therapist must have a certificate that gives them the right to work in this method. Such a certificate can be obtained only after completing a course of training in therapy, directly from the founder of the method Marisa Peer.

A list of officially certified therapists can be found at

But besides the certificate, personal contact with the therapist is very important. For this, a preliminary call is made with the client, where the client's request is discussed. During this call, it is important to feel "your" therapist, so that a feeling of trust and desire to work together arises. Yes, it is to work together, because the client is an active participant in the process, and the success of the result depends on mutual cooperation. If the contact did not work out, trust did not arise and something was alerted, feel free to go to another specialist. This does not mean that the therapist with whom you did not work out is bad; not at all. You just need someone else. Trust is a very important element of therapy, not just RTT, so it should not be underestimated and discarded because of false embarrassment or awkwardness.

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