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Digestive, immune and nervous systems. Healing or vicious circle.

The words "autoimmune disease" sound like a judgment. No one knows why they arise and, as I thought until recently, they are incurable. Autoimmune diseases are in my life and very, very close, so I was always interested in any information related to scientific research and the latest developments in this area.

Due to the fact that I deeply believe that no information comes to us by chance and a still persistent inner feeling for many years that the way out exists, I just don't see it yet, I received information about the Australian scientist Professor George Jelinek who has recovered from an autoimmune disease. He deeply researched this topic and wrote a book containing a detailed analysis of the nature of the disease, a huge list of medical studies that reveal the mechanisms of the formation of the problem and explained a healing strategy that successfully works on his personal example and many cured patients.

Since my attention was focused on one type of autoimmune disease, it seemed to me that there are not so many of them, and they are quite rare and that this topic concerns a limited number of patients. I learned from the book that there are more than 200 types of autoimmune diseases, and these include allergies, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, dementia, depression, and they all develop according to the same principle. It turns out that this information concerns almost everyone.

Why don't our doctors talk about it?

The problem with our medicine is that it treats the symptoms but not the root cause of the disease. The doctor finds out the symptoms, diagnoses them and prescribes treatment that removes these symptoms.

Do you have a headache? Here's a painkiller pill. The headache has gone - it means you are healthy, the treatment has helped.

Do you have acne on your skin? Here's an ointment. Anoint them. Acne disappeared - you are healthy, treatment has helped. If they appear again, here's a stronger ointment, a larger dosage.

This "treatment" removes an important signal from the body - "there is a failure in my system!" But instead of looking for this failure, we close our eyes and ears so as not to see or hear what our body is telling us and suppress the symptoms with antibiotics, pain relievers, statins, etc. ... If there is no symptom, there is no disease ... But this is not true, the destruction continues, the situation is aggravated, it is just that now we do not see it and we force our body until it gives another powerful failure on a more serious level.

This path suits, oddly enough, both the patient and the doctor, because it is fast, and because in our medicine our body is considered separately not only from the soul and the divine principle but also in parts. The eyes are treated by one specialist, the liver - by another, the gastrointestinal tract - by the third, and the teeth did not stand nearby at all. Nobody monitors the interconnections of system processes, and it turns out that "there are no complaints about buttons," but the suit does not fit ...

A huge role in this theater of the absurd is played by the pharmaceutical industry, which has a direct financial interest in the eternal treatment process. The more sick people, the richer they are. Therefore, advertising of all kinds of medicines, as a quick solution to any problems, is always in front of our eyes.

But the iceberg that hides under the most insignificant external symptom has not gone anywhere. And only you can decide what you choose - to enter into a dialogue with your body, to understand the real causes of the problem and help your body to establish the correct operation of its systems or continue to dismiss these signals, having pills and run to do "more important" things.

For those of you who are interested, I’ll talk a little about the interconnectedness of the GI tract, the nervous system, and the immune system so that you can make healthier choices in your daily life.

The job of our immune system is to protect our body from internal (cancer cells, etc.) and external (bacteria, viruses, etc.) enemies, and not to attack our own organs and tissues. We call the attack of the cells of the immune system against enemies the inflammatory process. Those. inflammation itself is a part of the body's healing process, which means that an enemy that has infringed on our health is detected and the immune system performs its function of a defender, neutralizing the enemy. Normally, a healthy immune system first produces killer cells that destroy the threat, and then it also produces cells that stop this process and suppress inflammation. Autoimmune disease means that once the inflammatory process is initiated, it does not stop and / or instead of enemies, the attack goes on its own body, or the immune system is unable to cope with the multiplication of cancer cells. For such an unnatural action there must be a serious reason, some kind of trigger that provoked this failure.

We can say that 70% of our immune system is located in our intestines, so the first thing to look for is any foods that you have an intolerance to;

second - some foods such as sugar, gluten, animal proteins can cause inflammation, even if you do not have an intolerance;

third - even if you eat a healthy diet and do not eat fast food and sugar, there may be bacterial or viral infections, parasites, candida, heavy metals in your intestines (thanks to living in large industrial cities, where we inevitably inhale these toxins)

fourth, it can be cortisol, a stress hormone.

Therefore, whatever it is, in order to tune the immune system, first of all you need to check the functioning of the digestive system, determine what of this you have, and eliminate this cause. Reducing intestinal intoxication reduces the burden on the immune system and frees up its resources for self-healing.

But in addition to reducing intoxication, you need to check, restore and maintain a healthy intestinal microbiome with food rich in fiber, unsaturated Omega3 fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements and minerals that you do not have enough in the body, finding out with the help of appropriate tests.

The next important factor is the exhaustion of the nervous system. A hectic life in permanent stress, the constant production of cortisol and poor sleep, which does not give the nervous system recovery, is also a factor provoking immune system failures.

The genetic factor also occurs, but not always.

And here we come to such a vicious circle - throughout life, we ​​consume junk food (sugar, fast food, saturated fats, alcohol) and medicines, a sluggish inflammatory process is initiated in the intestine, the intestinal walls become thinner and toxins are absorbed from the intestines directly into the blood, which carries them to all organs. The immune system tries to keep pace wherever toxins have gotten and initiates inflammatory processes throughout the body, a huge amount of energy is spent on this, we feel weakness, emotional depression, depression, anxiety, irritability, we react sharply to external circumstances by releasing the stress hormone cortisol, opening one more front for the immune system, where it must throw its forces. Often, some psychological trauma can be added to this, which can become the last straw and so an overload arises when the immune system either no longer has time to catch all cancer cells and a tumor develops, or confuses certain types of milk proteins with proteins of the brain cell membrane, or attacks other organic compounds that carry out the neuromuscular transmission, etc. Different failures lead to the development of different diseases and each case is very individual. Starting to heal all this with drugs, we aggravate all these processes by adding toxins to our intestines and getting all kinds of side effects from drugs, which leads us further and further in the opposite direction from the cure. The circle is locked. We use drugs to keep symptoms low while poisoning the body and keeping the inflammation alive.

And so we see how rigidly these three systems are interconnected on the example of such a formidable type of disease. This does not mean that other systems are left out. The whole body, all body systems are interconnected and, one way or another, suffer their losses in this process.

But the good news is that each of us can start the process of self-healing, returning the immune system settings to normal, simply by taking responsibility for our health. Reconsider your attitude to nutrition, and having made a choice in favor of giving up alcohol, smoking, animal fats, gluten, dairy products and feeding your body with fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, whole grains and fermented foods, maintaining an optimal balance of vitamins, micro and macro elements in the body. Pay attention to exercise, healthy sleep, and emotional recovery.

All of these factors, combined, can help start the movement towards regaining your health. And the most important point in this is understanding the integrity of your body, as a unique, amazingly intelligently organized system, inextricably linked with the spiritual component, which has an incredible potential for self-healing.

Of course, it is not possible to convey the entire completeness of knowledge in one article, but I do not pretend to do so, but if this information makes you think and look for answers, then this will already be a huge achievement. And also my message is that there is a way out, and this way out is in contact with yourself at all levels - physical, mental and emotional, and I will gladly share with you all the knowledge that I own and that can be useful to you.

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